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How ONE Question Unlocked A $100 Million Dollar Idea

Episode Summary

On a recent Zoom call with Alex and Leila Hormozi, Leila presented a question that really got me thinking. It ended up unlocking a $100 million dollar idea and some pretty exciting projects with name brand businesses. In this episode, I share exactly what she said and the new business that sprung from it. I also share how you can use the same question with limiting beliefs in your own life, unlocking another level of you and your possibilities.

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Carla White is the CEO of Hiro.fm. She is the first woman to launch an iPhone app (top of the charts for 10+ years), high level success coach and a self-proclaimed happiness cattle prod who’s helped countless people transform their personal and professional lives via her apps, public speaking, newsletters, seminars and books. Her #1 bestseller app, Gratitude, has been downloaded by thousands, featured on Oprah, NBC, NYTimes and countless other publications, and continues to grow in popularity around the globe. She shares everything she knows about producing successful apps in her best seller “Idea to iPhone” (2013). Due to popular demand, she now offers direct coaching to powerful thought leaders who want to make an impact and a legacy.

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